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Be sure to leave your bins out for us. If you need to bring your bins back from the curb after collection just leave them where we can see them. We will get them and put them back when we are done. Some things like marks from the trash truck, stains, paint, glues and adhesives, tree sap and others may not come out but we will do our best. Some exterior stickers may not survive the cleaning process. We may not be able to service bins that are damaged, cracked or have large holes in them. We may not be able to service certain streets if there is not enough room for us to work safely. We operate seasonally and will be closed December through February. All subscription plans will automatically renew at the beginning of each season. Subscription plans are always billed in advance. You will be billed for your first service when you sign up and then for your second service shortly after your first service is completed. The last charge will carry over into the next season. One-time services will be billed upon sign up. Since monthly cleanings are done on an every 4 week schedule you may receive 2 cleanings in the same calendar month. We may adjust your schedule to help us optimize our routes. Subscription plans that are cancelled will be billed at the current one-time rate. Inside your portal there is a referral spot where you can put in an email address for a friend, family member or neighbor. If they sign up, you both get a $20 credit towards your next service. By signing up for service you agree to receive SMS notifications regarding future services and other information.